Durham tech nursing program cost

2020-02-21 18:55

Apr 13, 2017  Durham Technical Community College (often called Durham Tech) is a public two (2) year certified institution of higher education and technical training school situated in Durham, North Carolina, USA. Durham Techs primary campus is close to downtown Durham, RaleighDurham International Airport and Research Triangle Park.Mar 17, 2016 Would like some opinionsthoughts on this program. I have also been accepted to Central Carolina Community College's RN program as well. CCCC was kind've my last resort. That college is making me do the whole 2 year program if I go there. Durham Tech is only 3 semesters. I also applied to GTCC LPN to RN (3 semesters) but have not received a letter yet. durham tech nursing program cost

A new student may enroll in the fall semester. Students are required to have CPR certification and be a certified Nursing Assistant I before entering the first nursing course. Students who are licensed as a Practical Nurse may be enrolled as an advancedstanding student. Program graduates are awarded the Associate in Applied Science degree.

Use the button below to apply to Durham Tech following the Health Technologies Enrollment Steps. Once prequequisites are completed, apply to the Practical Nursing program. The application will be posted here on November 1. The application deadline is February 1. North Carolina Schweitzer Fellows Program North Carolina League for Nursing Academic Scholarship Fogerty International CenterEllison Overseas Fellowship AORN Baccalaureate Nursing Scholarship AORN Masters Degree Nursing Scholarship AORN Doctoral Degree Nursing Scholarship LaRetta Matthews Garland Scholarship Hartford Predoctoral Scholarship durham tech nursing program cost Tuition and fees are subject to change by the North Carolina legislature or by the College. Tuition for Legal Residents of North Carolina: For the academic year, tuition for legal residents of North Carolina is 76 per credit hour or a maximum of 1, 216 for students enrolling fall, spring, or summer semesters for 16 or more credit hours.

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