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Returning to nursing or midwifery: All nurses and midwives must be registered while practising as a nurse or midwife. If you have not been registered for 5 or more years you may be required to complete a reentry course to regain your registration. Each stateterritory has varying requirements for reentry.Nursing ReEntry. One of the benefits of the nursing profession is the ability to temporarily leave the profession with relatively easy reentry. Brushing up on general topics like pain management, sepsis, hypertension, medication administration, wound care, and documentation are easily done with these continuing education modules. Helpful Links: nurse re entry program queensland

Pursuant to Nur 401. 03 (d) each reentryrefresher course applicant shall also submit application for New Hampshire nursing licensure and temporary licensure prior to the start of the reentry program. Nurses who previously held a New Hampshire Nursing license, will need to request a reinstatement application from the Board of Nursing.

Programs of study classified as Inactive are not included in this list. An online search is available for Inactive Programs of Study for programs that are no longer delivered by an Education Provider or no longer approved by the National Board. . Refer to the Programs of Study Terms if you are unsure of any of the terminology used. Pathway 2: Completion of a NMBA approved reentry to nursing program. For further information on reregistration, see the NMBA Reentry to Practice Policy and the Framework for the assessment of nursing and midwifery applicants for reentry to practice. NSW Health scholarships to support reentry to practice are linked to subsequent employment. nurse re entry program queensland The Graduate Certificate in Nursing (ReEntry) enables you to develop advanced knowledge and skills in order to return to work as a Registered Nurse. This course will build on your existing theoretical, practical and research knowledge. This course will include a five

Reentry courses are available throughout Australia and are available at universities, TAFEs and health services. Please visit the AHPRA website for an extensive list of approved reentry courses available in Australia for Enrolled Nurses, Registered Nurses and Registered Midwives. nurse re entry program queensland Jan 17, 2011 Home Issues and Challenges Return to nursing? Not at 10, 000! Issues and Challenges; Reentry this has been a long fight for me to get back to nursing. I was an RN in Queensland with experience in the US and UK over 13 years before I had my children. I can confirm our Online Registered Nurse Reentry to Practice Program is accredited by each reentry case individually, taking into account how recently a nurse has practised, before referring some nurses on to the course. These are not refresher courses, they are programs designed to assess the competence of the individual to practise safe and contemporary nursing in todays increasingly complex and demanding clinical environments, it states. The Queensland Board of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia; Bridging programs for internationally qualified nurses and midwives. The NMBA has provided a suite of supporting documents to facilitate a better understanding of the Reentry to practice policy. Reentry to practice policy. Document PDF Accessible format Nurses and midwives looking to return to work should contact the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia for information about approved study programs and policies. The Department of Health does not offer reentry programs; however individual HHS may have nurse refresher programs available.

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