Maternal health programmes in ghana

2020-02-22 17:18

Exactly a year ago today, the Maternal Health Channel (MHC) was born at a memorable event in Accra. In the presence of dignitaries, activists, a host of stakeholders and the public, a new campaign to reduce maternal deaths in Ghana and raise awareness about maternal health issues was born.Page 2 2017 Ghana Maternal Health Survey ChArACteriStiCS of houSeholdS And reSpondentS Household Composition The average household size in Ghana is 3. 8 members. Onethird of households are headed by women. Forty percent of the Ghanaian population is under age 15. maternal health programmes in ghana

Ghana has made significant progress in interventions to reduce maternal mortality. Within the MDG 5 Acceleration Framework, the Government has put in place a comprehensive programme giving particular priority to increasing the use of family planning and expanding access to skilled attendance at birth and to emergency obstetric and newborn care.

MCSP is improving health outcomes for HIV, malaria, nutrition, family planning and maternal, newborn and child health services in Ghana. Building on work begun under USAIDs predecessor flagship Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP), we are supporting the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Services to better prepare midwives World Bank project Ghana Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Project NA BETA Launched! Click here to view the redesigned Projects and Operations site maternal health programmes in ghana Though maternal health care has improved over the past 20 years, the pace has been slow and extra effort is required for Ghana to achieve the MDG 5 target of reducing maternal mortality rate by three quarters by 2015.

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