Fy-1 programming cable

2020-02-26 12:21

please send additions or corrections to Hall Electronics, Inc. 815 E. Hudson St. Columbus, Ohio USA (614)PC Programming Software. Pyramid Communications PC software can be downloaded free of charge. Each package is contained in one self installing setup file. PC Programming. Click the link below to download the desired software. fy-1 programming cable

Programming Cable Assembly Interfaces a PC serial po rt to the Pyramid Communications SVR200 Vehic ular Repeater via a Motorola Radio Interface Box (RLN4008B or equivalent) for programming an SVR200 with the appropri ate Pyramid Communications software (

Use this cable to program your SVR200 using a Motorola RIB (RLN4008) as the interface. OEM Motorola Programming Cable for HT600 P210 MT1000 MTX810 MTX820 P500. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. This cable was part of a government surplus lot and appears to be in good condition. fy-1 programming cable [RepeaterBuilder Re: Pyramid SVR200 programming cable tait700 Sat, 04 Sep 2010 19: 40: 33 0700 Thanks Niteviser, Will examine further, looking at the board it appears that there is only one data line plus ground so that rules out the normal type level converter circuit.

We have a wide variety of radio programming adapters (RIBS), radio programming cables and ribless USB programming cables. If you are having a hard time finding the right one, try searching for your radio model in the search box. fy-1 programming cable SVR Factory Interface Cables. SVR250 Series. 10' blunt cut cable with DB15F (included with SVR250 252) Part# Kenwood TK5x10, TK5x20, TKx180, NXx00 NEXEDGE Interface Cable Hello, Was wondering if anyone happened to know how the programming cable is wired for the above pyramid in vehicle repeater? Cable has a part No. of FY1 I don't know if the Genuine version has some electronics inside the DB9 plug cover as with the T800 SII that changes levels, etc. programming software and a KPG43 programming cable available to program the mobile radio. Also, you will need a copy of the Pyramid SVR200 SVR250 CPS software and FY1 programming cable to program the SVR200 or an FY4 to program the SVR250. Programming the programming software and FY1 programming cable to program the 2012. In older versions of Pyramid Communications 2016 and 2012 units, you will need to replace the PTT transistor with a standard NPN (2N4401) transistor.

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