Slf4j set logging level programmatically

2020-03-30 06:55

Setting log level of message at runtime in slf4j. It was asked for a method that could log programmatically one log message at any level. You are changing the level of the root logger for all messages, how to set the log level at runtime in slf4j easily? 0.I. e. while the default log level may be ERROR, I can configure the application to log on level DEBUG when an specific user is using it. Therefore I integrated the jultoslf4j bridge so that JUL logging is redirected to slf4j. I've also created a custom as described here which implements my user based filter logic. slf4j set logging level programmatically

If you want to code against the slf4j api but determine ahead of time (and programmatically) the configuration of the log4j Loggers that the classpath will return, you absolutely have to have some sort of logging adaptation which makes use of lazy construction.

Yes, I agreed that programatically setting the log properties is not a common practise. The customer wants to maintain (or bother) only one single application configuration file. In order to isolate log4j. properties from the customer, we will have to read the log level from the current configuration file and set it into our Log4j logger. Well, if that is the case it would be better if we I'm able to programmatically set the logging level on the application with the following code, but is it also possible to do this on a package level, say com. somepackage. where I want the level to slf4j set logging level programmatically Dec 12, 2015 Slf4j and Log4j Binding. Changing LogLevel Dynamically. We do not have a way to change log level from slf4j api and we need to rely on implementation, in our case log4j api. First get rootLogger with log4j then set the level on it. Here is an example code for the same

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