Navy industrial security program

2020-02-17 18:09

National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual DoD 5220. 22M Publish Date: view Online. This manual prescribes requirements, restrictions, and other safeguards that are necessary to prevent unauthorized disclosure of classified informationCredentialing Agency: NCMS Society of Industrial Security Professionals. The Industrial Security Professional (ISP) certification is an intermediatelevel credential intended for security professionals who act as Facility Security Officers, or an equivalent, for facilities that protect classified government information and material. navy industrial security program

Defense Security Enterprise (DSE) DSE Executive Committee (DSE ExCom) is the seniorlevel governance body for the strategic administration and policy coordination of the DSE. DSE Advisory Group (DSEAG) The ExCom created and tasked the DSE Advisory Group (DSEAG) to plan, coordinate, and prioritize decisions for the ExCom and establish, oversee,

17 National Industrial Security Program (NISP). . . . . . 19 Chapter 2: Command Security Management This policy manual establishes the Department of the Navy (DON) Information Security Program (ISP). The ISP applies uniform, consistent, and costeffective policies and procedures. SECNAV M5510. 36 June 2006 5220. 22, National Industrial Security Program (NISP), September 27, 2004, this Manual reissues DoD 5220. 22M, National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), January 1995 navy industrial security program (c) SECNAV M5510. 30, Department of the Navy Personnel Security Program (d) SECNAVINST 5510. 30B, DON Personnel Security Program (PSP) (e) OPNAVINST 5530. 14E (Chg 3), Navy Physical Security and Law Enforcement (f) SECNAV 3070. 2, Operations Security (g) NAVSEAINST 5510. 1C, NAVSEA Security Program Instruction

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