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Jan 26, 2008 Unless you have access to a GM Tech 2 scan tool, GM website and GM software to program the BCM and perform the setup procedures then I would have to say no. This needs to go to the dealer so they can do all the programming and setting up there.Nov 17, 2014 Thank you for visiting Snapon Diagnostics Product Forums. What would be really nice is if I can use one of these devices to read and or flash program GM bcm's. Had aheck of a time with a new model Suburban earlier this year that cost a fortune at the dealer to get sorted out. I feel I could have possibly avoided this with one of these gm bcm programming guide

This Body Control Module (BCM) programming harness is to be used with any of our OBD2 switch assemblies to reprogram GM Gas Diesel Trucks Vans SUVs and Select Cars BCMs outside of the vehicle. We've identified the following GM part numbers as compatible BCMs: , , , , .

Jun 19, 2017  Body Control Module BCM ProgrammingRPO Configuration Introduction All the procedures below are designed to setup a new body control module (BCM) correctly during BCM related service. Some of the procedures may need to be performed separately when replacing other modules or components. If replacing the BCM with a GM Service Parts Mar 29, 2017  I replace a Body Control Module in a 2006 Chevy Cobalt with a replacement unit from a salvage yard. Using the MaxiSys MS906TS I will show you how to code the Body control gm bcm programming guide Using the GM diagnostic scan tool, or equivalent, refer to the onscreen reprogramming directions and perform the BCM programmingsetup procedure. Be sure that the battery is fully charged. Be sure that the ignition switch is in the ON position.

Connect a battery charger to the battery to ensure power is available while programming. Both the BCM and PCM must be working and communicating with each other. GM Vehicle Theft Deterrent (VTD) Relearn Procedures Page 1 of 4 gm bcm programming guide This joint project now sees BCM programming a reality and readily available given tune files can be delivered remotely utilizing the EFILive BBX Quick Setup options. Using an EFILive TCM VIN License slot, BCM flashing is complete in less than 20 seconds. Flashing for additional GM BCM types will likely be added in the coming months. Mar 17, 2011 GM dealer wants 257 for a new BCM and minimum 90 charge for programming it. Says I have to install the module then bring the truck in to be programmed. Now the questions: If I buy a new BCM through GM and install it, will the truck start and run off the blank unprogrammed BCM so I can drive it to the dealer for programming? Aug 22, 2010 Like if this guide is helpful. August 22, 2010. I have written several guides on scan tools and programming. You cant program most BCM's on GM with a generic pass thru nor can you do a lot of security relearns. Tech 2 Memory Cards. Memory card issues are also a consideration for Tech 2 units. The standard is a 32 Megabite PCMCIA style card Need help programming 2003 Chevy S10 BCM. process starts by selecting the options that the vehicle is equipped with and the VIN number is with the GM Service Programming System (SPS). After configuring correctly the Vehicle Theft Deterrent (VTD) is learned. Describe your issue The assistant will guide you.

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