Lighting programs for table egg layers

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The genetic potential of HyLine Brown Commercial can only be realized if good poultry husbandry practices and management are used. This management guide outlines successful flock management programs for HyLine Variety BrownLighting for Laying Hens. In northern New England, as in most areas of the country, chicks are hatched in the spring, grow through the summer on natural day length, and start producing eggs in the fall. Lighting Programs for Table Egg Layers, poultry fact sheet# 14. Davis: (in Maine), or, for information on publications and lighting programs for table egg layers

Variation of the photo period is used to stimulate egg production in pullet flocks for both breeding and commercial layers. In broilers (chickens and turkeys), several different lighting programs are being studied to help improve skeletal development through feed intake.

In this way, lighting programs can be customized to best meet the egg size demand of a particular market. Provide light stimulation when the target body weight is reached, usually around 17 to 19 weeks of age. The appropriate target body weight depends in part on the variety of hen and in part the desired egg Feeding Layers. Feeding the Commercial EggType Laying Hen (University of Florida) PDF Feeding the Commercial EggType Replacement Pullet (University of Florida) PDF Flax in Animal and Poultry Feed for Better Health (Flax Council of Canada) HTML How to Feed Your Laying and Breeding Hens lighting programs for table egg layers Lighting Programs For Backyard Egg Production. Light is received by the eye and hypothalamus. In turn hormones are released by the hypothalamus that stimulates the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland produces hormones such as follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) that are involved with gonad development and maturation.

2Values represent the least square means averaged over 2 strains of egg laying hens (HyLine W36 and W98). 3Average number of observations per lighting program. abMeans within a column with no common letters are significantly different (P 0. 05). Experiment 2. Results indicate that the lighting programs had no affect on BMD, BMC, and width of bones of 66wkold hens (Table 2). lighting programs for table egg layers Minimum Light Intensities Research indicates there are minimum thresholds for light intensity guides recommend 25 ftc (20 55 lx) for starting chicks gradually reducing down to 0. 1 fc (1 lx) for older broilers table egg layers require 0. 5 1 fc (510 lx)

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