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Is there a more efficient way to translate the characters to morse code instead of using this many ifelse if statements? C morse code converter Experts ExchangeI've been working on a program that is supposed to convert english to morse code. I am having a really hard time dealing with the strings. For example I have no clue why I can have morseAlphabet have a set number of positions at [30 but I cannot do the same for latinAlphabet. Overall I have no clue how I am supposed to translate the words. c programming morse code translator

Oct 13, 2013 i was looking for this for a long time. this one is a bit too long, i want to make it in short. Reply Delete

Feb 08, 2014 Ok so keep in my mind, I am totally new to C and have been spoiled by the easiness of Java and other higher level languages, so thats why I look clueless. I have been trying to code a morse code translator for the past 2 weeks, I am using the curl library to send a message to a website and then parsing the translation from the html myself. Dec 07, 2014  alpha[k on line 76 is probably your problem. basically you're going to have to parse the morse code string. Append everything you read in until you find a space (or you can use a string stream) then when you find the string, determine what letter that c programming morse code translator Sep 29, 2016  Morse code is a simple mapping of a subset of English letters, punctuation and special marks that is onetoone and onto. It is therefore easy to convert from English text to Morse code using a lookup table that uses individual characters of the English text as an index, with the Morse code equivalent stored as text at that index in the table.

Dec 03, 2016  Heres a Simple Program to convert String(Text) to Morse Code in C Programming Language. Morse code is a method of transmitting text information as a series. Heres a Simple Program to convert String(Text) to Morse Code in C Programming Language. Write a C program to convert input String(Text) to Morse Code. Heres a Simple Program to c programming morse code translator The program should then open this file and read the values into two arrays. One array will contain the characters that are being mapped from and the second array will contain the equivalent Morse code. Once the arrays have been built the program will read in text from cin and translate it into Morse code. Feb 18, 2016 Right so Im back again with yet another programming question. This time Im trying to create a program that converts an input string from the user into morse code. The only thing I can really think of so far is to create two arrays to store both the users string and the morse code symbols. Apart f May 29, 2002 Given this notion of Text 62 Morse translation, you are required to write a C program which will accept a Text file or a Morse Code file as input, translate the message into the opposite form, and write the translation to an output file. There are three components to this problem: C check that the input file is suitable for translation May 05, 2013  BASIC Programming Lesson 27 Morse Code In this lesson we look at a simple program to convert text into Morse code, this program could be

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