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2020-02-25 03:10

This memo, prepared for the head of the CIA's Office of Special Activities, attempts to provide a detailed rebuttal to the suggestions of the Budget Bureau's W. R. Thomas that the OXCART program be terminated in favor of the SR71 program (which was also known by the designation SENIOR CROWN).Jun 27, 2008 The first was whether to publicly disclose the OXCART program. The Department of Defense had grown concerned that it could not overtly explain all the money the Air Force was spending on its versions of the A12. At the same time, some CIA and Pentagon officials recognized that crashes or sightings of test flights could compromise the project. oxcart program cia

Nov 18, 2015 OXCART outside CIA Headquarters. The A12 arrived at CIA Headquarters aboard five wideload trucks, and it required two enormous cranes to lift the 39, 000pound airframe onto its threepylon mount to be assembled in 10 days.

CIA Spy Plane: Lockheed A12 Blackbird Project Oxcart Project BLACK SHIELD CIA Files, Flight Logs and Manuals: 4, 179 pages of CIA files. and manuals covering the development of the Lockheed A12 Blackbird, its testing, and its missions As a result, when the OXCART program ended in the summer of 1968, no more oxcart program cia

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