Client and server side programming languages

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How can the answer be improved?ClientSide Programming Languages ServerSide Programming Languages; Scripts that execute in client side. In context of websites, it is scripts that execute in the browser of the user. Eg: Javascript, VB etc. Scripts that execute in the Server. In context of website, it is scripts that execute on application servers. Eg: PHP, Python, Ruby etc client and server side programming languages

Server side and Client side Programming. The Programming languages for clientside programming are: 1) Javascript 2) VBScript 3) HTML 4) CSS 5) AJAX Refer JavaScript articles for example Client Side codes that run in browser.

Dec 17, 2015  Or we can say that clientside programming mostly deals with the user interface with which the user interacts in the web. It is mostly a browser, in the user's machine, that runs the code and is mainly done in any scripting language like JavaScript (or Server Side Languages. There are a range of server side languages in use on the web today. PHP is one of the most popular, as well as Ruby on Rails, ASP. NET and many others. They are called server side languages because their scripts are run not on your computer, but on the server which hosts the website and sends down the HTML code. client and server side programming languages ClientSide vs ServerSide Programming Languages. These parties are: Server The Server is responsible for serving the web pages depending on the clientend user requirement. It can be either static or dynamic. Client A client is a party that requests pages from the server

Clientside Environment. The clientside environment used to run scripts is usually a browser. The processing takes place on the end users computer. The source code is transferred from the web server to the users computer over the internet and run directly in the browser. The scripting language needs to be enabled on the client computer. client and server side programming languages Nov 04, 2016 When understanding computer languages we need to understand where they're compiled to find out if a programming language is server side or client side. For example if you download a webpage that As for client side scripting and server side scripting. I think if you go through all the answers for this question you will get a clear idea. jQuery is a framework that uses JavaScript internally.

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