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The Effectiveness of One School District's Basal Reader Selection Process Michael A. Tulley The few studies conducted of the processes through which basal reading programs are selected have been con cerned mostly with how these materials find their way into classrooms. Some, for example, have examined the statJan 17, 2019 Like any packaged program, there are disadvantages to a basal reading program. In fact, some educators would argue that the things some people consider to be advantages are exactly what is wrong with such a program. That systematic learning system which distills reading a textbook can feel rigid and limit to a teacher. basal reading program research

THE PLACE OF BASAL READING PROGRAMS 2 Abstract Educators continue to search out the best methods of reading instruction. Historically, reading teachers have emphasized either the traditional approach grounded in behaviorism, or the holistic approach grounded in constructivist learning: basal programs versus literaturebased teaching.

Basal reading programs are deeply rooted in our educational system. Dating all the way back to 1836, when the McGuffey Readers first appeared, and continuing through the iconic Dick and Jane series, basal programs morphed into comprehensive core reading programs and researchbased literacy programs during the No Child Left Behind era. In this lesson, we explore the basic methods behind teaching a basal reading program and what students, parents, and teachers can expect when a basal program is implemented. basal reading program research A Guide to Selecting Basal Reading Programs (a set of eight booklets) reviews recent reading research, presents guidelines based on theory and practice, and provides worksheets for BRP adoption committee members. Each of the booklets addresses aspects of reading that are appropriate to a BRP, subject to evaluation, and of primary importance. (JD)

Basal reading programs do not mean that the program is the only thing teachers may use to teach reading. Rather they provide a base for teachers to use; in most schools teachers are encouraged to supplement the core reading program with other texts and activities. basal reading program research How I evaluated the basal reading series and decodable text, it looks as if these features are equally important in teaching children to readbut the research literature says otherwise. children learning to read with such a program gained reading independence faster, rapidly acquired sight vocabulary, and improved reading Beginning Reading& Reading Support Intervention Programs 1. )Open Court SRAMcGraw Hill (800), in No. Ca call rep. Gary Parsons, (707) 575 7390. In my view, it is the best general education anthology or basal reading program currently available in terms of research support and alignment with NICHD evidence. a basal reading series is supplemented with instruction in the language Some of the research on this approach suggested a major criticism sight word growth, oral language growth and attitudes toward reading. Some research involved the use as a total reading program while others measured benefits of this approach when used as a

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