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Concert Etiquette Please follow these guidelines so that all in attendance can enjoy this amazing performance. Please take bathroom breaks before you load the bus at school. No food or drinks allowed in the theatre. Please quietly come into the theatre and sit quietly until the concert begins.Pull from this easy to use list when creating your concert program, or insert it in it's entirety into a program. Concert Etiquette. A concert is a formal event, even if held in the school's gymnasium. A lot of preparation is involved by the teachers and students to make it concert etiquette program insert

Concert Etiquette Tips Relax, classical music isnt as intimidating as you think! Use the tips on this page as a starting point to help you have the full Philadelphia Orchestra experience, whether it is your first time attending an orchestral concert or you are a seasoned concertgoer.

Dont worry; youre not late. The musicians are warming up and reviewing their music before the concert begins. Just prior to the start of the concert, when all of the members of the choir andor orchestra are seated, the lights will dim, and the concertmaster will stand and Good concert behavior is learned and it is the music educators job to teach audience etiquette. Good concert behavior cannot be taken for granted. Good concert behavior needs to be taught in all arts classes (classroom and performance). Good concert behavior must be taught, reinforced, rewarded and retaught. This may be the only time in a concert etiquette program insert Dec 05, 2016 Teaching Concert Etiquette. By NAfME member Tom Sabatino. If you have a printed program, consider adding a Memo to the Audience on the inside cover of each program. Teachers, check out this advocacy insert for your concert programs! Did this blog spur new ideas for your music program?

Some composers are tricky, however, and do not insert a pause between movements. Beethoven, for example, goes from the third to the final movement of his 5th Symphony without any pause. Perhaps he wanted to be sure there would be no applause at that moment. This annotated page of a concert program [insert image may provide further assistance. concert etiquette program insert THE TEN RULES OF CONCERT ETIQUETTE (For Adults) 1. Refrain from talking. The first and greatest rule. It also includes whispering to or disciplining your other children. 2. Refrain from unwrapping noisy candy wrappers during the performance. What to ExpectConcert Etiquette. Many times, those new to classical music are nervous about attending concerts because they dont know what to expect in terms of concert etiquette, and they may have heard that it is kind of stuffy with lots of rules. Relax! March 23 Concert Program. Nov 09, 2015 Teaching Concert Etiquette November 9, 2015. One of the most frustrating experiences a music teacher or director can have is a concert audience that is disrespectful. If you have a printed program, consider adding a Memo to the Audience on the inside cover of each program. Its worth looking into these issues, because a poorlybehaved audience can ruin a concert, at least in my mind. Heres how I explain to the kids what the audience etiquette is. Audience Etiquette. Do not talk during the performance. Silence cell phones. Limit movement in and out of your seat during the performance. Do not shout, whistle or

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