Nxt robot ultrasonic sensor program

2020-02-24 13:57

Aug 01, 2010 If you wish to use Multiple Ultrasonic Sensors on your NXT Robot, you need to program them so only ONE Sensor is taking a measurement at any time. If you have all the Ultrasonic Sensors on at once they interfere with each other and give incorrect readings. To get around this you need to take advantage of the Sensors Mode 3: Event Capture Mode.NXT Sensors Overview. For ROBOTC NXT Sensor functions, The higher the number, the lighter the reading is. Below is a simple linefollowing program that uses only one NXT Light Sensor. The NXT Ultrasonic Sensor has a range of states between 0 and 255. This number is representative of the current reading in centimeters. nxt robot ultrasonic sensor program

Mindstorms NXT Programming opposite facing ultrasonic and light sensors. Ask Question 0. The other problem is when the back ultrasonic sensor is triggered first, the robot wants to spin in circles to seek and move the direction of the back ultrasonic at the same time. So it will jump backwards and turn back and forth in a stuttering motion

With this program, you should attach the Ultrasonic Sensor attachment to the rear of MultiBot, pointing backwards. The program will cause the robot to drive forward whenever your hand is close to it and stop whenever your hand is far away, as if your hand was pushing the robot with an invisible force. nxt robot ultrasonic sensor program

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