Building program of amenhotep iii

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Transcript of Amenhotep III Building Program. The temple of Soleb was built by Amenhotep in honour of the cult of the god AmunRe and Nebmaatre (another name for Amenhotep). There temple was 400 feet long and the entire enclosure was approx. 800 ft. The temple of Quban is located on the east bank of the Nile, across from Dakka. It was builtAmenhotep III Building Program. The success of Amenhotep IIIs reign is mainly attributed to the buildings he created from the wealth he acquired during his time such as the Temple of Soleb in Nubia which is the region that was the very heart and source of the Egypts wealth and the Mortuary Temple that was presumably the largest of its kind. building program of amenhotep iii

Building Contributions. The most wellknown works of his are his Mortuary Temple, his Palace at Malkata, his Luxor Temple, the Third Pylon at Karnak, and the Temple at Soleb. The overseer of the Kings building program was Amenhotep, Son of Hapu. He is associated with the establishment of many of the kings colossal statues, his mortuary temple,

Amenhotep III Building program. Amenhotep III built extensively in Egypt, Nubia and the Sudan, with the quality of design and sheer size of his buildings leading Gardiner claim that Amenhotep's reign was when Egypt reached its zenith of magnificence . The Building Program of Amenhotep III. With the prosperity of Egypt as it was, the Pharaoh had the time and wealth to spend on the most expansive and magnificent of all building projects of the pharaohs in Egyptian history. Amenhotep IIIs major achievements in his extensive building program were: The Temple of Luxor, the third pylon at Karnak, building program of amenhotep iii Building Program. When constructed it was the largest of the mortuary temples in the Theban area AKA Malkata Palace Evidence that Amenhotep III had not finished building when he died Complex included a large temple dedica ted to Amun Constructed from mudbricks Painted brilliant white on the outside and painted in rich vibrant colours on the inside.

Amenhotep III. Utilizing the talents of Amenhotep, son of Hapu, the king engaged in a great construction program, which included his own mortuary temple in western Thebes, of which the Colossi of Memnon remain the most prominent feature, and a major temple at Soleb in Nubia. His palace complex at Malkata in western Thebes was linked to building program of amenhotep iii WMF and the Future of the Temple Complex. In recent years archaeologists and conservators have identified dozens of statues of the war goddess Sekhmet and a 7ton (6, 350 kg) torso of Amenhotep III. Yet to be explored are the architectural ruins of an immense hall, once roofed and supported by rows of gigantic columns. How can the answer be improved?

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