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Jan 30, 2018 High quality program notes give your audience information about any combination of the following: Composer; Piece; Context; Expectations; Interpretation; Organization. Many people find it helpful to organize program notes into three sections: Brief introduction to the composer.Jan 28, 2019 DePaul University Library guide to researching music program notes. concert program notes examples

VII. PROGRAM NOTES 7. 1 REQUIRED FOR ALL SENIOR RECITALS, SHARED OR SOLO All students in senior status that present a solo recital are required to complete program notes. Likewise, it is a degree requirement for BM in Voice Performance who will be presenting the recital as a

Jan 30, 2018 Online Program Notes 1. Click on Concerts and Tickets then Calendar on the main taskbar towards the top of the page. 2. FInd an event and click on Event Details. 3. Click on Program, which should automatically scroll the page down to where you can finally find program notes. Mar 20, 2019 Program notesTranslations Instructions for writing program notes with text translations for program inserts for vocal recitals. Research Sources and advice on finding authoritative information for the composer and title citations in your program. concert program notes examples program notes Some program notes are issued as periodicals or books, and should be treated as such. Notes that are neither periodicals nor collections should include (when available) author, titles of notes, title of concert, ensemble, director, location and performance date.

Mar 22, 2019 Creator can be a broad term, depending upon the type of performance. Include relevant details for any persons or groups involved. [If you are creating a recital program as a degree requirement, do write about the composer in your program notes, but include performer bios separately in your program Western art music: composer and librettistpoet concert program notes examples Concert Length (including 15 minute intermission) is 1: 30 hours. Program Notes: This program fairly typical; it features music from a variety of periods. The first work on the program is also the earliest. J. S. Bach wrote his Partitas for keyboard this is my transcription for the harp. Grandjany was a very influential harpist in North America. This includes some top tips and examples of good programme notes plus an opportunity for you to test yourself by spotting the good notes among the not so good! At DipABRSM level you are required to write programme notes of 1, 100 words ( 10), while for LRSM the length is 1, 800 words ( 10). Title Page Information. 1. 1 The title page or front cover of the concert or recital program should list the main performer or performing group, and special guest artist(s). (Graduate conducting recitals include both the performers name, as well as the ensemble. ) 1. 2 The format for a recital title is always as follows: Feb 06, 2019 Music programs generally contain information specific to your recital or concert. In addition, many writers of program notes also provide the audience with additional information specific to the compositions or the composers. Basic program notes are required for all performances that are available through the University Libraries' archive.

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