Spectrum xlt custom programs

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Jun 08, 2014 XLT is still a good machine. If you have one you might as well use it, you're going to find coins and relics at decent depth. I would say it's the most advanced White's 6. 59 kHz model, the included programs are OK but if you want more depth you'll need to get into programming it.Mar 01, 2014 Re: White's XLT Hot set up? ? ? ? Reply# 7 on: January 12, 2014, 08: 54: 51 AM I used the XLT for a few years and the Eagle Spectrum (which is similar) before that. spectrum xlt custom programs

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Mar 26, 2014 Custom programs on XLT Spectrum. You can save your custom setups in one of the EEPROM slots, and they'll be there for good until you change 'em. One thing you can do. When you shut down, don't remove the battery. Start up and just pull the trigger. You'll run the program that is in memory. If you pull the battery, you'll lose it. Hope this is helpful. Mar 15, 2010 Heres 3 programs i inherited when i bought the xlt, hopefully it should be of some use. I will shortly have more metal detecting videos soon. Feel free to ask any questions. spectrum xlt custom programs White's XLT ESeries Settings My Search Program for Detecting Coins and Jewelry with White's XLT Metal Detector. White's Spectrum XLT metal detector (detector de

Page 16 Save custom settings in any one of four custom program positions. They will remain permanently in USE THE ARROW KEYS TO SCROLL THE the XLT memory regardless if the machine is FLASHING SYMBOLS, PRESS ENTER turned off or the battery removed. Custom Pro PROGRAMS PG. Page 17 Chapter 4 XLT Basic Adjustments 4. To NAME, use the ARROW spectrum xlt custom programs Spectrum XLT Program Sheet: Start with the preset CoinJewelry program and make the following listed changes only. Basic Adjustments. Target Volume: 57. Custom Program 1: User storage area for a program that can be named and saved. Custom Program 2: User storage area for a program that can be named and saved.

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